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The Museum Of Audio History

Preserving, Teaching And Showing Audio's History

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Music is an intimate part of our lives, intertwined, always present. Background music in stores and restaurants, soundtracks pumping up the excitement and emotion of movies and videos, music while we jog or exercise, music and parties. We live within the music of our times.

Times always change. Today’s hottest technology usually becomes tomorrow’s museum exhibit. Along the way, valuable knowledge is lost. Young people no longer relate, and tune out their parents’ stories that begin, “when I was your age….”

MOAH’s mission is to:
  • Preserve artifacts and knowledge.
  • Teach audio’s technology and heritage.
  • Show young and old just how much fun all those “old things” really are.

We’re a small dedicated group located throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area, but we’re growing. Join us! Help us grow, contact us today.

MOAH was founded by Kermit V. Gray.

Presently, we’re in the process of filing for nonprofit status, under IRS section 501(c)3.

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